Membership Categories

1.Life Members:Life membership is open only to Indian citizen

Eligible groups

Masters – Having post graduate qualification in Family Medicine Professional – Practicing General Practitioners or Family Physicians. Medical officers (GDMO) in public / private sectors/ Rural Service/ Completed rural bond service/ rural service in government sector/ Medical Faculty – Designated/ practicing /supporting family medicine faculty irrespective of primary PG qualification. PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) and Non-Resident Indians can join as life members however as per society’s act only persons holding Indian passport shall be eligible for voting and holding any elected position. Membership fee is to be pain in India currency INR only. (Refer to Appendix I for eligibility). Members within five years of their competition of post graduate qualification shall be eligible to participate in Spice Route Movement of WONCA activities on the behalf of AFPI

2. Life Associate Members: A person holding graduate (MBBS or international equivalent) qualification or and holding post‐graduate degree or diploma recognized by the Medical Council of India in any branch of medical science (other specialties/ sub specialties) who is not eligible for life membership are eligible to be enrolled as a Life Associate Member. Life Associate Members can avail all benefits of membership with exception of voting right and eligibility to hold any elected post.

3.MBBS Student Membership: Any MBBS student/ intern studying in India can apply for student membership of AFPI and shall be eligible to participate in the Student Chapter of AFPI and also eligible to participate in international junior doctor groups activities on the behalf of AFPI. Members of this category shall be provided career guidance in family medicine. Once joined the membership shall be valid for ten years. Those have already completed MBBS internship are not eligible for this category and are advised to apply for life membership.

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